My name is Robert Moon, I am a “jack of all trades” as they say. I have worked in many different industries and always enjoy learning new things. This spans from makerspaces to industrial automation to arcade games. I have worked on projects for companies such as Tesla, Blommer Chocolate, Zume Pizza, Cafe X, SpaceX, and Apple. If you wish to contact me feel free to email me at Robert@Moon.Engineer, I am currently Located in Oakalnd, CA. If you are a Potential employer, please take a look at my resume site, link located above.

A Simple car dash tablet Holder

Soon after getting my Dodge Caliber I ran into a few problems I Wished to solve

  • No dedicated USB power
  • No good placed to put a phone/gps, without taking your eyes off the road
  • A silly 3.5mm audio cable hanging out the front of the radio

The Caliber has a cubbie in the center of the dash, with a pop-up lid, not very useful but a decent attempt at the “sunglasses sliding out the window around the corner” problem. So I dedided to use the tablet that I already owned and make a few simple modifications to the car to make it easier to use. I first removed the lid from the cubbie and made a insert for it, then I mounted a USB just and audio cable. (I went thought a few prototypes of this) I also added a simple mod to the radio by soldering in female audio jack, this way I can route the cable though the dash, instead of it hanging out the front.

Interactive Triangle Triforce lightbox

This was a small project to design a small interactive light box, that could demonstrate how simple electronics work. I wanted to show that while micro controllers are great you do not need them in every application. So I decided on a triangle, due to its three flat sides I could easily make it change color and yet have a symmetrical image on the front. The tri-force logo was perfect to put in the center, because I not only enjoy Zelda but it will look the same no matter which was is facing “up”. I designed the whole thing from the ground up, in a 2D CAD program called CorelDraw. It uses a few strips of 12V RGB LEDS, with a simple barrel jack and 3 recycled mercury tilt switches. It stands 6 inches tall and is made from oil stained plywood and translucent acrylic for defusing the individual LEDS

Custom solder fume extractor

This project is a solder fume extractor, made from spare parts laying around. It uses a weller filter, with a 120mm computer fan with a standard dust filter holder. This was designed in 2D CAD and cut on the laser out of 1/4″ plywood. While not a professional fume extractor, it does pull some of the stuff out of the air and at the very least moves it away from being breathed in.

Restoring a 1982 Taito Arcade Cabinet

In summer 2016 I purchased a 1982 arcade game. The machine was labeled as an “american horseshoes” however it was originally a 1982 Taito game called “frontline”. I tore the game down, cleaned, sanded, painted and repaired it. I made a new control panel top, restored the coin door, and installed a 60 in 1 game board. I also replaced the monitor with a newer CRT with nice bright colors. The game was almost done when I moved to the west coast, so I sold it to a friend who is going to make some custom artwork and finish it up.

Random Creations in spare time

This is just a small section of projects that where done in a short time, and never really took long enough to deserve a full build log. Most of these where done when I had full access to all of TechShop, and all of there fantastic tools. I can no longer just water jet glass because I want too. 

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